Graduate Schools


The Graduate Schools – or University Research Schools – offer integrated training courses at master’s and doctoral level backed by research laboratories.

The Graduate School Quantum Technologies trains students through a solid knowledge base in the field of information and quantum technologies. The skills developed during this training provide students with a variety of opportunities in this booming field, ranging from the world of business to that of research via doctoral training. Masters and doctorates offer transversal teaching based on multidisciplinary research and thus prepare students for contemporary issues in science (open science, ethics and scientific integrity, sustainable development). These programs allow professional integration in all socio-economic sectors.

The Graduate Program in Physics offers a comprehensive curriculum of advanced study and research, from the Master’s to the Doctorate degree, in fundamental physics and its applications. Through its association with ten laboratories and three LabEx laboratories at PSL, the graduate program offers a Master’s degree in which research plays a central role. Students may also choose elective courses designed to improve their transdisciplinary skills and broaden their curriculum.