Quantum Communication & Post-Quantum Cryptography


Rapid advances in quantum computing pose significant challenges for cyber security and communication between quantum machines.

On the one hand, commonly used asymmetric chiffrement algorithms are vulnerable to quantum computer attacks. On the other hand, access to quantum machines that are still experimental (especially via the cloud) is already beginning to raise the question of the security (confidentiality and verification) of these calculations in the same way as it arises when the State, companies or citizens entrust data and calculations to datacenters operated by third parties. The development of communication and cryptography solutions guaranteeing the long-term rights of citizens, companies and the sovereignty of the State is a key issue.

Quantum communication

Laboratories involved: COSMIQ, INSP, IRCP, IRIF, LIP6, LKB, MPQ, SYRTE

Post-Quantum Cryptography

Laboratories involved: COSMIQ, CASCADE, IRIF, LIP6